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Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 (TCE 1)

Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 is a course designed to equip local church members to reach children for Christ in various settings including Good News Clubs® in the community and public schools as well as other children’s classes. Attention is focused on the lostness of the child without Christ and the biblical basis for child evangelism. Special emphasis is placed on methods of evangelism, such as the Wordless Book and the Evangelistic Bible Lesson. Students are also instructed in how to plan and conduct evangelistic children’s classes in various venues. The course provides practical training, thus enabling students to immediately begin children’s classes in their neighborhood or local school. Students are required to participate in five practical teaching opportunities with children in the context of a Good News Club/5-Day Club®, applying the knowledge gained in the course.

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 (TCE 2)

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 is designed to provide information and practical methods which will enable the teacher to effectively guide the saved child in progressive spiritual growth. The course is centered on the principle that true teaching of the Word of God produces change.

TCE 2 contains principles and methods for spiritual growth which all Christians—whether children, young people or adults urgently need, for every believer is in the spiritual developmental process. Someone has said, “It takes fifteen minutes to evangelize a child, two minutes to give the invitation, ten minutes to counsel him and eighty years to lead him in spiritual growth.”

Saved children need to grow in their relationship with God and in their relationships with others. Only as the children’s worker understands his role in this ongoing spiritual teaching-learning process, can he begin to guide saved children in a gradual, balanced experience of spiritual growth which will result in changed behavior.

The purpose of this unique course is fourfold:
To provide principles and methods for effective teaching;
To equip teachers with the “practical how-to” of discipling children;
To increase their realization of the urgency of the task;
And to lead them to depend on the Holy Spirit as they guide children.